Colour Healing

By: Hindustan Times

The soothing colour of flowers often imparts mental stimulation. Similarly, a certain colour in your room may be the cause for irritation, which you may or may not realize. Artist and colour healing expert Niladri Paul recommends correcting colour deficiency in your life. Like food or blood deficiency he says, after reading a person’s conscious and subconscious mind with the help of a pendulum, I predict what’s troubling him; and what colour, in which form and percentage is needed for him. “Different hues bear divers equalities. Blue is a must for tranquility, green improves finances and cures stomach ailments, orange and purple enhance creativity, red strengthens vitality and a combination of black and white is a boost of confidence. “I use various symbols along with the right colour in the right amount or percentage to make a painting for someone with a specific set of problems”, informs Paul.