Niladri Paul - Contemporary Figurative Abstract Artist, India
Niladri Paul – Contemporary Fine Artist India


I have been painting for as long as I can remember. Even before I knew it was called art. From the moment I first held a pencil in my hand, I started doodling, much to the exasperation of my parents and teachers. I would draw on anything and everything, from blank papers, walls, newspapers, sand and of course sketch books also at times, when provided. So it was a natural progression to join the art college and learn the fine nuances of the craft. And thus started the colourful journey of my life.

From the first solo show itself, I have followed my heart and painted whatever inspired me to take up the colors and splash them on the canvases, conveying my very own individualistic expression. I have always been drawn to powerful forms, strong lines, sweeping brush strokes, and bold, vibrant colors. Freedom and spontaneity have been important to me in my personal life as well and therefore animate all my paintings too. A constant fascination with the performing arts lead me to begin the still ongoing endeavour of translating the ever evolving movements, rhythm, and sound onto my canvases. My contemporary application and sensibilities combined with this hugely complex and all encompassing subject lead to a style of painting that bridged the gap between figurative and abstract art. The energy of my pigments convey a primitive force and energy of cheerful optimism that I myself feel.

My art is not a social critique of our times, as I strongly feel that I am an artist and my language ought to be simple and forthright enough for everybody to understand and relate to.