Maverick Indian Artist Niladri Paul, Contemporary Fine Artist India

All artists are similar in their dissimilarity. As in broadly speaking they all have their eccentricities unlike the other people inhabiting the society, and yet, they also have similar traits that make them artists. And be it any kind of artist, and not just fine artists. One can observe fascinating little details about painters especially and write reams on it.

Niladri Paul is the quintessential maverick artist. Niladri Paul is known as one of the best Contemporary Fine Artist in India. Born free so to speak. His spirited love for freedom shows in his canvasses as well, as in his boldness with which he lives. No boundaries can contain him, nor anybody hold this wild gush of fresh air. He does exactly what he wants to do, be it the colors that he uses, or the forms that he explores, or even simply the non conformist brushstrokes. Not beholden to any art gallery or any specific organisation, he continues to be his own master. Even the market economics fail to dictate this maverick artist. He is one of the best contemporary fine artists in India. Niladri’s portfolio can be checked at

Bohemian youthful looks, impeccable style, elusive and rare public appearances and even rarer interactions, he confines himself to his studio, and thereafter to his kitchen, where he rustles up spectacular gourmet meals for friends and family. As beautiful and colorful as his canvasses . Perfectionism is his forte with whatever his does. An avid biker, he once rode upto Leh Ladakh on his motorbike from Delhi. Compassion is his driving force in life as he goes about spreading optimism and great cheer wherever he goes and whoever he meets . Niladri Paul , the free thinker.